Towanda Public Library on Facebook

Towanda Public Library now has a Facebook page.  We’ll post notices and pictures of events.  Share your favorite book recommendations and see what other people are reading.


Click here to check it out and be sure to “Like” us!

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Check Out Some Favorites

When you come into the library with a book you’ve just finished and loved, be sure to tell us about it!  Look for the sheet next to the check-out computer, tell us the title and author and what you liked about it.

Here are some of our patrons’ favorites from the last couple months:






Midnight in Austenland, by Shannon Hale







Beyond Molasses Creek, by Nicole Seitz







Ada’s House Series by Cindy Woodsmall:

The Hope of Refuge

The Bridge of Peace

The Harvest of Grace







From Ashes to Honor, by Loree Lough







The Silent Governess, by Julie Klassen

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Saturday Hours

Starting on Saturday, April 7th, Towanda Library will once again be open on Saturday mornings from 10 am to noon.

Additionally, Saturday morning at 10:30, we’ll have our annual Easter Egg hunt, so be sure to bring the kids over to hunt out eggs in the park.  In case of bad weather, come straight into the library for a treat.

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Wednesday Afternoon Visitor

We had a special guest this afternoon at Towanda Public Library — or at least on the front sidewalk:

Apparently this fellow was looking for salt left over from this winter’s few icy days.  He spent about 15 minutes sniffing and licking around before he decided to take himself elsewhere.

Just goes to show, you never know what you’ll find at the library!

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New Wireless Internet

Towanda Public Library now has wireless internet set up, so if you want to bring your laptop in and relax in our adult reading area, we’re ready for you.

Our internet policy enfolds the new wireless set-up.  Read the following internet policy points (3 and 4) to clarify any questions about usage.  Also feel free to ask if you have any questions, or if you’d like to see the entire policy.

3.  Eligibility

Any adult patron (eighteen (18) years of age or older) in good standing with the Library is allowed to use the Library’s public computers.  Children under the age of eighteen (18) may use the Library computers only with signed permission from a parent.  “Good standing” is defined as no overdue books, unpaid fines, or other outstanding issues with the Library.

4.  Internet User Responsibilities

            A.  Users shall:

  1. Respect the legal protection provided by copyright license to software, books, articles and other electronic files.
  2. Respect the privacy of others.
  3. Download files from a Web site directly to any supported portable storage media.
  4. Use the library’s computer for social networking and interactive gaming.

            B.  Users shall not:

  1. Access illegal Internet sites defined by state and federal laws.
  2. Access web pages or sites that contain materials that are defined in Kansas statutes as “harmful to minors (KSA 21-4301c) or “obscene” (KSA 21-4301).
  3. Gain or try to gain unauthorized access to restricted resources or entities.
  4. “Hack into or interfere” with other users, system operations, integrity or security of the library computer system or any other computer system.
  5. Attempt to gain access to another person’s files or passwords.
  6. Intentionally obtain copies or modify files, passwords, or data that belong to the Library or its users.
  7. Harass other with messages, prints, images, and cyber bullying or software programs.
  8. Use inappropriate language or images in any way.
  9. Load or run any software other than what resides on the Library’s computers.
  10. Tamper with, mishandle, damage or attempt to damage computer hardware or software.
  11. Access a non-library wireless network while on library premises.
  12. Interfere with, deliberately attempt to circumvent, or tamper with the filtering software.
  13. Use the Library’s computers for gambling, gaming, or social networking is prohibited.
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